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Immerscio.bio: a new biotech centre of excellence

Immerscio.bio is an ambitious training platform in the strategic bioproduction sector. It offers training programmes open to everyone – professionals, employees who are retraining or recent graduates – keen to give their careers a sense of purpose and discover totally disruptive approaches for producing innovative therapies that are more affordable and closer to the patient.

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Immerscio.bio’s package of initial and continuous training programmes – accessible from Bac + 2 or + 3 levels (equivalent to two or three years of higher education) – aims to respond to the shortage of talent in the sector faced with the 30,000 to 40,000 jobs the industry plans to create over the next ten years in Europe. Immerscio.bio employs an array of digital tools that reproduce the key features of production: digital twins, serious games, immersive, virtual and augmented reality, etc.

Immerscio.bio’s educational approach

Immerscio.bio is the result of a collaborative approach begun by bioMérieux, Novasep, Sanofi and Servier, which have been brought under the same umbrella by the Strategic Committee for the Health Industry and Technology Sector. Immerscio.bio runs 13 immersive courses, covering every profession in the bioproduction sector from product design to delivering the finished product to the patient. The made-to-measure training programmes directly meet the skills needs of recruiters. The campus environment – which has been developed with digital companies, training organisations, SMEs and equipment manufacturers – gives it the tools needed to run comprehensive, personalised training programmes for every learner.

Immerscio.bio uses an innovative, original method with a format that combines digital and face-to-face learning. All learners benefit from personalised monitoring to provide better career support, boost their employability and step up their integration into companies. The campus employs a range of digital tools that replicate the key features of production (digital twins, serious games, and immersive, virtual and augmented reality), and uses cognitive approaches supported by artificial intelligence to promote the understanding of processes and the appropriation of professional practices.

A bilingual French / English glossary has been produced that features all the terms and definitions specific to biotechnologies and bioproduction. This reference guide is updated on an on-going basis thanks to the input from digital technology that serves the entire ecosystem. It is particularly useful to learners, prescribers, communicators, service companies and public services in their discussions and exchanges.

Immerscio.bio: an accelerator that is accessible to everyone

Immerscio is open to everyone irrespective of their age or qualifications: from recent graduates to individuals following a vocational retraining – especially at a time when the economic crisis is hitting industry hard, where the skills are similar to those needed in bioproduction. Training is accessible from Bac + 2 or + 3 levels (equivalent to two or three years of higher education).

In terms of continuing education, our goal is that all employees of the key actors in the bioproduction sector can be trained at Immerscio: pharmaceutical groups; very small, small, intermediate-sized and medium-sized businesses; biotechnology and service companies; etc. Students in initial training can also benefit from Immerscio’s courses through partner schools.

This project offers significantly lower training costs (at least 20% lower) than market prices. Special fee structures are designed to give even more advantageous access for specific target groups such as small and medium-sized businesses, students and job seekers. This is a great bonus at a time when, in spite of the employment crisis, manufacturers in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors, as well as start-ups, will be looking for skills and staff trained in bioproduction.

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